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LEAN Trucks is here to offer you a whole new gliding experience.

The new LEAN truck is the result of deep research and product development during several years, which resulted into a functionality-driven design.

With an industrial but yet elegant look, the LEAN Trucks have been created to offer a great turning radius without compromising the stability needed at high speeds. After many years of experience riding all types of boards and trucks, our team succeeded to come up with a product that unites all their needs into one single truck system, built to perfection and with the possibility to fit all kinds of boards.

The result is a sturdy, functional and aesthetic truck.


150MM & 180MM HANGER

Lean Trucks permits two different hanger sizes that you can choose from, depending on your board’s width and the turn/grip/stability balance you seek.

The bushing seats have been designed to bring you a lineal turn. The hanger’s front side has an open bushing seat, allowing a wide lean for close turns and carves. The back side of the hanger has a closed bushing seat though, providing control and stability when most needed.



Both hangers include a 2mm Rake Axle, allowing different set up options. The Rake offers a non-centered axle, so you will feel more or less transmission depending on the way you place the hanger.



The Baseplate of the truck is designed to use a 50º Kingpin, which brings wide and progressive turns while keeping the stability you need at high speeds.



Eight holes for two different wheelbase positions.



All the Lean Trucks mount 92A Red Cone and Barrel Bushings, manufactured with our special High Rebound Formula. We use standard barrel and cone bushing sizes, which allows you to use and try different bushing set-ups.