About Long Island

Long Island is the most well known Brand of longboards that HLC has to offer. HLC Sb Dist Offers in its catalog decks from all the categories of longboarding. We build buddies, which are small plastic boards, cruising boards, perfect for sidewalk surfing/cruising around town, freestyle boards, designed to do tricks on, pintail boards, surfing style forms, kicktail boards, with a good tail with which to do various maneuvers and freeride decks-downhill boards, all designed to bomb any hill around the world. All of our complete longboards are seted up with Caliber Trucks.

Long island longboards also offer protection like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. As well as Hurricane wheels of different sizes and hardnesses for all the different types of needs.

EX Series

Long Island Longboards also has a number of high-end products that are grouped under the name of the EX Series, with freestyle, freeride shapes and Downhill, very peculiar constructions of top quality, with decks made of fiberglass, bamboo and hardrock maple.

The EX series also has a range of high quality wheels of different  sizes and hardnesses. The Titans for freeride and freestyle, the Abyss, the best for freeride, and Chrono, our best wheels for Downhill.