At Long Island, we are beyond thrilled to announce our collaboration with Bugarski, featuring this iconic design.

Born in Yugoslavia and currently based in Galicia, Spain, Boris Bugarski has earned recognition as a surfboard shaper, with a notable influence on the surf industry through his use of color. One of his standout creations is the iconic Black & Gold design.

The Shape draws inspiration from Boris Bugarski’s famous twin fin design. Our aim was to craft a surfskate board that captures the essence of riding his surfboards.

The deck is notably wide and has high concave. Additionally, we’ve gave the board a larger nose and tail to facilitate pops. The mellow fish shape not only gives the board a unique appearance but also brings the joy of riding a twin fin to concrete, while still being categorized as a performance shape.

Each color holds its own significance, and in our case, black and gold represent the core of our journey. They symbolize determination, dreams, and the resilience needed to persist. They serve as a reminder that while the path may be obscured by darkness, it ultimately leads to brilliance and success.

The Black & Gold Surfskate isn’t merely a color combination; it’s a symbol that carries profound significance in our lives. It’s a reminder to remain committed and to never give up.